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Bronzen Boeddhabeelden gieten in Nepal

Casting bronze Buddha Statues in Nepal

Buddhism is one of the most influential religions in the world. The number of people in the world following and worshipping Buddhism are over half a billion which is mostly centralized in Eastern Asian countries like Nepal, India, China, Japan, Burma, Indonesia, Korea and so on.

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Boeddhabeelden mudras - handgebaren

Mudras: Buddhas hand positions

Mudras is a Sanksrit term for the seal, mark or gesture which is a symbolic gesture in the statues of the Hindu and Buddhist iconography. Most of the mudras are usually performed with hands and fingers while some of them involve the entire body.

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Films over Boeddhabeelden

Movies about Buddha statues

YouTube doesn't need any introduction to any of us. With millions of channels and billions of users across the globe, YouTube has been the place to be on internet if you want to watch or post your videos. Among these channels, Antique Buddha statues has been a unique channel showcasing various unique and artistic Buddha statues and Buddha.

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